Brenda’s passion for accounting was born at an early age. One of her favorite high school teachers impressed the importance of bookkeeping upon her, and she quickly discovered that she had a natural talent for it.

“For the most part, I found school really boring,” she admits. “I have a quick brain so sitting in class always felt really slow. I didn’t have to study to pass exams; it seems I just had a strong intuition, an innate sense of ‘this belongs here, and that belongs there.'”

It’s this sense of intuition which helps Brenda continue to deliver first-class results today.

“My clients are always delighted and thankful for all the time, money and frustration I save them every year.”

Throughout her career, Brenda has been exposed to a wide variety of accounting practices, working for chartered accountants, big businesses, small businesses, and on government contracts. Her travels have taken her from British Columbia to the Yukon (where she lived for 10 years) to Edmonton, where she’s been since 1983.

“After years of working for other companies, typically working within smaller departments, I decided I wanted to start applying my skills to help the business as a whole, not just individual parts of the business.”

For that reason, she set out in 2006 to run her own business full-time. Overall, she feels it’s a much better use of her talents.

Brenda might be an excellent accountant, but it’s definitely not the only thing she loves. In her spare time, Brenda enjoys sewing, photography, genealogy and travel to name but a few.

“I am constantly absorbing new information,” says Brenda. “I love researching and learning new things about health, wellness and spirituality.”

Recently, Brenda has begun to participate in the art of online investing. And, as you might expect, she’s discovered a natural talent for that too!

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